Danny Woodrow: The Many / The One

February 11, 2011 - March 06, 2011
VSVSVS is pleased to present our inaugural exhibition,The Many/The One, featuring new work by Toronto artist Danny Woodrow. Collage work and paintings by Danny will be featured at the VSVSVS Gallery at 25 Polson and at vsvsvs* at 234 Queen Street East (back gallery of G). The Exhibition The Many at vsvsvs* will run concurrently with Sadderday Night, a collaborative project between Anders Oninen and Mike Murphy at G. 

Danny Woodrow studied at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, and completed his MFA at the University of Guelph in 2009. Danny currently lives and works in Toronto. 

Artist’s Statement 

A kind of mutation, a loss of purity, hybridity; this is the territory where my paintings reside. I forcefully engage in a creative destructive / reconstructive process, creating works that center themselves on the questions of what is namable and what is not within a given image. In flux between two modes of painting, abstraction and representation, my work finds strength from what it gives the viewer but also from what it does not give. In the dissonant space of the visual imagination, I revisit and reinterpret traditional and historical themes while simultaneously probing contemporary issues at once. The final works can be thought of as an exuberant search for meaning. Sifting through the over abundance of media imagery and information, I recycle, reuse, and finally rebuild, while making spontaneous connections between the left over fragments of both memory and experience.
-Danny Woodrow, 2011