February 02, 2012 - February 02, 2012
An ongoing series of peanut butter and jelly melted together on a piece of whole wheat toast, or something like that. One part film on silent and one part live soundtrack by musicians, laid hot upon the bread of sculptural installation.

Volume I: The Ken Russell directed Altered States. Scored by Omma Cobba. February 11, 2012

Volume II: Double feature Kenneth Anger shorts: Scorpio Rising and Lucifer Rising. Music scored by Tim Lafontaine (Cop Car Bonfire), Kyle Jukka (Flow Child), Anjela Freyja (Solsken) and Ostin Milne. April 6, 2012

Volume III: Gus Van Sant feature Gerry. Music by Mark Weber and Jon Sherman (Neon Canyon / Memory Screen). June 1, 2012

Volume IV: Director Sergei Parajanov's Sayat-Nova (The Colour of Pomegranates). Scored by Daniel Woodhead, Austin Milne and others. July 18, 2012