Laura Kreviazuk & Julia Vandepolder: Parallels

June 01, 2011 - July 02, 2011
Parallels is a site-specific gallery installation, featuring the collaborative work of Laura Kreviazuk and Julia Vandepolder. The project involves working closely together to investigate the process of building consensus by sharing information, ideas, and techniques to realize common aesthetic and conceptual ambitions. It aims to expose unexpected and unfamiliar similarities between the two artists ways of working to create a cohesive installation that speaks to their respective artistic practices while overcoming vulnerability and self consciousness so that something new can be made that is greater then the sum of its parts.

Both artists engage with a process that utilizes documentation and memories of spaces coupled with investigations into abstraction and the play of spatial perception. Through the negotiation of ideas, and the merging and manipulation of source material, resulting in large, multifaceted, floor-to-ceiling wall paintings that investigate the decay and decomposition of our urban and rural environments. 

In conjunction with Parallels, Julia Vandepolder’s Remnants exhibition will be on display at VSVSVS Gallery from June 2nd until July 2nd at 25 Polson Street, Toronto.   

Laura Kreviazuk is an emerging artist based out of Toronto, Ontario. She was born in Sarnia, Ontario, and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art from the University of Guelph where she graduated with honours. While studying under some of Canada’s finest artists, she experimented with printmaking, painting, and drawing processes. Currently she has been confined in her studio creating a new body of work which consists of chaotic, large scale charcoal drawings. While developing her technique and artistic visions, Laura is continuously exhibiting her work and assisting in the formation of studio collective VSVSVS.

Julia Vandepolder is an emerging painter investigating the ongoing transformation of rural and urban formations. She earned a Bachelor of Arts Honours at the University of Guelph where she majored in Studio Art. Presently Julia resides in Alton, but frequently shows at public and private galleries throughout Ontario. As a member of Headwaters Arts where she actively produces and markets her work to the public, she is continuously developing a body of work inspired by her neighboring surroundings.