REALCORE: Jennifer Chan

March 09, 2012 - March 16, 2012
REALCORE is the second part of an ongoing curatorial relationship between artist David Hanes and the VSVSVS crew.
Dave's Article 

JENNIFER CHAN is an artist/curator currently based in Syracuse, NY. She has lived in Hong Kong and Toronto. Her web-based work has been exhibited through North America and Europe. Her writing has been published on,, and Her work is published and collected on and Chan is currently finishing her MFA at Syracuse University. 

Jennifer Chan's temporary residency will culminate in a one-night exhibition at the VSVSVS gallery. Elaborating on Chan's ongoing, in-depth exploration of contemporary technologies, (post)feminism and the fetishization of technology, REALCORE will consist of a presentation of audio, video and sculptural artworks that move between the devotedly sarcastic and the wittingly sincere. In this light, Chan's REALCORE ensures to tempt the senses and provoke the e-motional. Text: David Hanes