Robert Hitzeman

July 18, 2014 - July 31, 2014
2014 Summer Resident, Robert Hitzeman, exhibited all new works. Using materials sourced from the area, Robert worked tirelessly since his feet hit the warehouse grounds. His focus during the residency has been garbage, literally. His sculptures have grown from the milieu of old and new materials in the detritus of renovated buildings. The works reflect an intuitive process of foraging and manipulation as well as an appreciation of the architectural landscape of the Portlands. The sculptures are left recognizable yet made strange, striving to create a situation where the familiar is questioned. 


Robert received His BFA at California State University, San Jose in Sculpture and installation during which time he worked part time as an arts Technician for Stoller Studio and David Middlebrook Arts. Shortly after graduating he was invited to participate in a two person show in Milan by MUSAE alongside the Italian artist Maurizio Rosazza Prin at Spazio MUSAE. Upon his return from Italy he was Shortlisted for the California Sculpture SLAM prize and included in the SLAM exhibition at the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art. In the meantime Robert worked in Hollywood as a Production Assistant, working closely with the art department on several reality television shows and game shows. In late 2011 Robert moved to London and enrolled in the Chelsea College of Art and Design, during which time he was commissioned to build a large outdoor sculpture called Tetschen Bolt that was shortlisted for The National Sculpture Prize at Broomhill Art Hotel. After Graduating with merit from Chelsea, Robert maintained a steady exhibition schedule and was shortlisted for The Red Mansion Prize as well as Schwartz Gallery’s Hot 100 prize and was included in Schwartz’s short list show. When his residency with VSVSVS is completed, Robert will continue to produce work out of Grange Walk studios, London as part of the ACAVA artist’s network and exhibit work internationally.