Shanie Tomassini: Anything Matter

October 10, 2015 - November 13, 2015
During her residency, Shanie Tomassini developed a process of extracting textures from objects and shapes in her surroundings. Solid surfaces become malleable skins. Searching the industrial area surrounding the waterfront, she became more and more obsessed with rocks, strong materials and crumbled pieces of matter. By abstracting material fragments from relics to shape them into new objects, Shanie plays and fiddles with the materiality of these objects causing a drift in their purpose. 

Shanie Tomassini’s work engages in a dialogue with sculpture’s history. Her gestures, strongly imbued by the desire to work in sync with matter, are carried out through many permutations and technical challenges. Using the creative process as a starting point, Shanie zeros in on her own working environment, provoking an interrogation of the materiality that surrounds her. Ultimately it is matter’s stable meanings that are diverted and cast adrift, casting doubt upon the very status of objects.

Tomassini holds her BA in Visual and Media Arts from UQAM. Her recent shows include a solo exhibition at Galerie Les Territoires and a group show at CK2, both in Montreal, and a residency in Cuernavaca, Mexico.