The Mobile Unit @ VSVSVS

February 03, 2014 - February 28, 2014
For the month of February, Gendai's Mobile Unit will become the first inanimate being to partake in a residency at the VSVSVS warehouse. During the Mobile Unit's residency, it will host a series of events; ranging from intimate reading groups, to "dorm room" parties, to a Valentine's Day horror movie night, to a special dinner party at the end of its stay. This residency will take the form of the Mobile Unit's exploration into independence, self-discovery and freedom. Documenting its daily activities, thoughts and feelings, the Mobile Unit will host a blog dedicated to its stay at the VSVSVS warehouse. Acting autonomously as an instigator of thought, collaboration, negotiation, conflict, and so on, this residency will explore the Mobile Unit's capacity to interact independently of Gendai in unexpected ways amongst its new friends and partners while in its temporary home. 

More announcements to come! 
Event dates and announcements will be posted on the Mobile Unit's blog regularly, you can also keep in touch through Gendai's facebook and twitter accounts. 

The Gendai Mobile Unit is: a mobile seating/presentation/storage unit commissioned by Gendai and artist Yam Lau, designed by Montreal based artist Alexandre David (2011). The Mobile Unit has travelled with Gendai to the Alternative Art Fair of Sudbury (2012), the Toronto International Art Fair(2012), Art Metropole (2012), Gendai Workstation (2011) and was featured in Gendai's Indiegogo campaign(2012). 

The Mobile Unit is eager to make new alliances, explore new potentials and territories and offer its assistance to other partners in any number of ways. If you are interested in visiting the Mobile Unit and contributing to its residency at the VSVSVS warehouse, please contact [email protected]