The Inside Story

September 19, 2013 - September 19, 2013
For the 2013 Canadian Art Foundation Gallery Hop Gala auction, we took care of the art environment.  As part of the installation we were able to stick our fingers into almost every aspect of the Gala; everything from table arrangements to interactive installations under the theme of data collection with hints of equal parts science fiction, occultism, and art deco.  As guests entered they encountered humming obelisks. They were encouraged to participate in two activities that were designed to test their body and mind while the measurements from both were being projected onto a third booth that housed the participant's reward upon successful completion of the previous two booths.  On the tables we had custom engraved coasters with themes derived from the art deco design of the hosting venue, the Carlu. Also pulsing light cube center piece that reacted to proximity volume levels and resembled something out of Star Trek.

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