More Than Two (Let It Make Itself)

September 21, 2013 - January 05, 2014
VSVSVS is super happy to be included in Micah Lexier's fall Power Plant show in Toronto. We along with 101 Toronto artists and collaboratives have been curated together on seven massive rows of vitrines. For our part, we arranged an accumulation of white objects on a black surface.  We gathered all the white objects from our surroundings and tried to arrange them by consensus.  Working simultaneously, we overrode each other while assembling and remixing the objects to find moments of aesthetic bliss.

Words from The Power Plant's website:

"More Than Two (Let It Make Itself), a curatorial project that displays over 200 new and recently created artworks and objects by 101 artists/duos/collectives in and around Toronto. Encompassing artists at varying stages of their careers, Lexier presents his take on the wide-ranging, multi-generational portrait of a robust Toronto art community. In seeking to celebrate this expansive community, Lexier brings to The Power Plant an incisive look at the networks of creative production that surround it. “The thirty vitrines that constitute the exhibition”, he states, “house my personal take on some of the wonderful, inventive, like-minded objects that I encountered during my research.” More Than Two is in constant dialogue with Lexier's whole exhibition, enabling audiences to see and experience the artist’s multi-faceted practice. One, and Two, and More Than Two is a vibrant portrait of not only an artist but of his practice as well as his diverse community."